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21 September 2020
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Do you dream of becoming a programmer, or want to develop your skills but have no effective way to study? Download Mimo now and start your experience on the path to learning how to code. It is an educational app for those who love programming or want to develop personal skills. Any type of programming is included in this application, even divided into different levels for many users. The exciting thing about it is the perfect combination of programming and playing games.

That combination will increase the effectiveness of the lesson to the user, even practical immediately. If you are wondering what a developer’s life is like, why not immediately download the application and start the experience?


The application has an interface designed sophisticated, neat, bright, and detailed for users to get used to the application quickly. Users can participate in many different courses, and the interface will display all that the user is unfinished or learning. The interface is divided into many different categories, each of which is a place that contains a certain user’s data. Of course, the interface is designed very nicely and novelty, ensuring everything is neat, helping users to access their work quickly. The first step to impress the user is not the functionality, but the interface of the application and its design. And “Mimo” is completely confident about its interface and ready to bring users to a position reserved for programmers.

Any Coding Lesson

The application will support users with any programming lesson they want, even any platform like HTML, CSS, Java, and more. Each platform has its programming style, and the app classifies each lesson into different levels for users to get started. This application was initially designed to guide beginners who are new to programming. Because of this, the app is designed for users to learn lessons quickly, and apply them immediately to what they already understand. The diversity of platforms comes with a variety of content and lessons, and users can learn whatever platform they want. However, users need to complete the required courses to be able to continue with advanced lessons. The higher the lesson, the more programming skills it needs to be improved, sometimes the application will surprise users by appearing unexpected quiz. These quizzes will test what the user has learned, then apply it in practice.

Gaming while Coding

It is one of the most interesting features of this application, programming can serve many different things, but gaming is something that needs to be elaborated. The application will have simple games to apply user skills into practice and will progress if the user enters the correct code. Interesting, right? Because if the user entered the wrong code, then the game will not happen anything, but if the correct code is entered, the game will progress a bit more. Until the player completes the level, the game will end. It is called a theory parallel to reality, improving the effectiveness of the user after each lesson. Moreover, this feature will help users better understand how to program games, thereby starting to code a game for themselves. The coding involves many different things, even a massive system for users. But this app will guide you all, ensuring you have a solid knowledge of coding.

Flexible keyboard

The coding usually is done on a computer platform, but that can now be done on the mobile platform. The application will ensure all necessary conditions for users to have the best experience when learning to code. The first one is the coding interface, and the application supports the keyboard explicitly. The coding interface is designed to be simple, flexible, and spacious so that users can easily check the content of the code. The keyboard provided by the application will be similar in design to the PC keyboard, even adding some special symbols for the user.


The application will streamline the learning process for users, and the interesting thing is that these lessons only take 5 minutes to complete. They only guide the user to the basics, necessary, and at least then apply in practice. It means that with this application, users can still learn how to code even if they only spend 5 minutes a day. Anyone can learn how to code and the basics, even if not specialized, but can still know what a programmer must go through.

Mino is not only an application to teach you how to code, but it is also a best friend for those who are dreaming of becoming a programmer. Even this application will enhance lessons and bring users advanced knowledge. Join now and start experiencing coding.


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